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I'm from NYC. I live in California, presently in Los Angeles, but soon to be the YAY AREA(!!!) My partner lives back east, headed to the Bay soon too. When the marriage opinion came in from the Supreme Ct. I texted her saying: "We can get married here now."

We didn't get to talk about it until some time later. Then, she told me a somewhat comical story about how her mother responded when my partner shared the news. I have an affirming mom-in-law (to be) so she was more concerned that we were planning on rushing to the altar (LOL).

For a while I contemplated moving back home. Partly because there is nothing like New York, partly because I haven't lived there consistently for nearly a decade now, partly because Los Angeles is wearing on my spirit. But since my partner has no desire to continue residing there, so that wouldn't necessarily work long term. We've been long distance LONG enough.

But when I was thinking about it (moving to NY), even as a passing thought, it dawned on me that I didn't want to live somewhere where my relationship wasn't affirmed. I've spent enough of my life fending off the self-hatred I was brought up to believe in, you know all that stuff about how I'm "going to hell" because I love a woman rather than a man. So the Supreme Ct. opinion made California all the more, though it didn't do much for Los Angeles! I am even more comfortable with the prospect of beginning to build my life in the Bay.

But in a bold move on the behalf of the executive branch New York, the New York Times reports that Governor David A. Patterson has issued a directive that same sex unions granted elsewhere be honored in the state. It didn't make moving back home more appealing, because I still can't have a ceremony there. But it did make me happy to know that when I DO ;) get married in California, I will be legally protected even when I go to NY to see my folks and my family.

I'm giving Governor Patterson a thumbs up. Not only is he the FIRST black Governor of NYC (fourth EVER in the nation) and breaking down racial barriers, he is also breaking down prejudice based on sexual orientation (not to mention that he's reppin' for differently-abled folks!).

Despite the mess that is going on with our economy, the Democratic primaries that continue to carry on, I can say that there are sparklse of greatness emerging for this nation.

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IMPORTANT!! From Pam's House Blend
Take Action:
ALERT on California and marriage equality
from Blender Paul Barwick:
The office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is polling reaction to the California Supreme Court decision overturning the ban on gay marriage. Most of the response they are getting is in OPPOSITION to the court action. To vote in support of the Supreme Court's decision on same sex marriage:

1. Call 916-445-2841
2. press 1 (for English) or 2 (for Spanish)
3. press 5 (for hot issue topics)
4. press 1 (same sex marriage)
5. press 1 (for support)

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