The Audacity of John (Edwards)

It's official. Senator John Edwards will put his bid in for Senator Barack Obama, news outlets say. My boss texted me about it, and The Los Angeles Times came up at the top of my Google news search.

Sen. Clinton secured a win in West Virginia yesterday, by a landslide, as many projected she would. She does well with those so-called "white working-class" voters, especially the elder ones. Edwards' endorsement will likely evaporate mist of doubt, that threatened to form into a cloud, that came with Senator Clinton's victory. That mist, I think, unwarranted considering Senator Obama's lead on ALL fronts, popular vote, delegate count, contests won (not to mention competitive fund-raising).

I hope that it will spur the Superdelegates into action and perhaps help draw a close to the race that Sen. Clinton vows not to "give up" until the very end.

I know I've grown weary of this primary election season as much as the next person. And yet I also know that my weariness may be due in part because I've never seen an election be this important to people and that I personally placed my vote a long time ago. It may be a good exercise to get folks back in shape to be active members of this "democracy," but a part of me worries that this will just tired them out. That wouldn't be good for either candidate, come November. It would be especially bad for Sen. Obama, who's campaign stresses the importance of the electorate's active participation.

And then again, I am reading "The Audacity of Hope." I want to be as optimistic as Sen. Obama projects himself to be. I think he an I are aligned in many views (NOT ALL). But I am awed by his sense of finding the common good in people, even President BUSH!

I'm tired, but I'm keeping my ears to the ground.

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