Green is the New Black (Market)

In a struggling economy where, in particular, energy resources are scarce, it is no wonder that green related thefts are growing . I recently came across a couple of articles reporting on the rise in PV (solar) Panel thefts throughout California. Where victims range from homeowners, to large businesses.

Thinking about it, the situation has it's pros and cons. While on the outset, it might suggest that solar has become more popular and consequently more valuable. On other hand, it may very well be simply that the high price tag for the equipment makes for a hot sell on the black market.

Those interviewed are convinced that purveyors of these thefts are assuredly industry insiders; because of the precision with which the thefts have taken place. The first certified green farm was robbed of 26 such panels - which would require a large truck and whole lot of wo(man) power. In another large theft, that's just what someone had. Fortunately the homeowner came home and caugh them red-handed and they fled the scene.

It seems like this might put a damper on any high hopes of getting solar to be more marketable to a larger segment of society, but that may or may not be true. It might just up the ante on the market for securing solar panels and protecting the interests of would be energy harvesters. Of course, we're only JUST getting this now because we've been so slow to adapt these technologies, whereas security measures are more commonplace abroad... GO Figure LOL

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